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Nexenta and EraStor Delivers All-STEC SSD Array with Record-Setting Price / Performance

OpenStorage Leader and reseller partner EraStor Unveils New Appliance at OpenStorage Summit EMEA 2012

Amsterdam — May 24, 2012 — Nexenta® Systems, a world leader in OpenStorage solutions, along with EraStor, a new European-wide provider delivering Nexenta certified solutions, today announced at OpenStorage Summit EMEA 2012 that it has achieved a record-setting level of storage performance with NexentaStor and STEC solid-state drives (SSDs). The EraStor 25S all-SSD appliance Powered by NexentaStor uses 24 STEC SSDs and can achieve 253,469 sustained write IOPS at low latency.

“We believe that our mission to provide enterprise-class storage extends to delivering high- performance SSD-based solutions,” said Evan Powell, Nexenta CEO. “This result shows that striking a balance between high performance and low cost is not only possible, but readily achievable by all types and sizes of customers by using best-of-class SSDs. STEC, a Nexenta- certified solutions provider, delivers products that are a great foundation to any storage system.”

“The EraStor 25S all-SSD appliance generates huge gains of over 250,000 write IOPS sustaining 2.8GBps throughput with less than 2ms of latency. The EraStor 25S all-SSD appliance is a real leap forward in providing extreme performance while being cost effective for our customers’ infrastructure needs.” said Ryan Tyler, VA Technologies CEO, an EraStor Partner.

The EraStor 25S all-SSD appliance is available today and supported by key partners within the EraStor alliance. The EraStor 25S starts from 4.5TB raw capacity and scales up to 17.6TB (raw capacity) of pure performance storage in a single high-density 2U appliance.

NexentaStor is the only solution available on the market today that allows customers:

    • The choice of underlying hardware free from the lock-in proprietary business models of legacy vendors;

    • The ability to unify SSD, disk and hybrid use cases that combine SSDs and disks via one scalable system; and

    • The management of all leading storage protocols via one system, including FC, NFS, iSCSI, CIFS and objects for cloud use cases.

With the award-winning NexentaStor, it is possible to utilize SSD technologies in a manner that is appropriate for each business. Some companies would like businesses to believe that an all-SSD approach is needed to achieve a high-performance infrastructure. With SSD pricing currently higher than the cost of traditional hard disks, this just isn't feasible for many businesses.

Nexenta's approach allows customers to use as many SSDs as they need and can afford. This flexibility will allow them to increase their usage of SSDs as the pricing gap narrows between SSDs and HDDs, and SSDs become more affordable.

By managing all workloads within a single high-availability (HA) and scale-out solution, and providing choices in the underlying hardware, Nexenta saves businesses time and money.

A second benchmark, using STEC SSDs with a larger system, is currently in process at Nexenta and is expected to exceed a nearly double sustained write IOPS performance at low latency. Nexenta intends to participate not only in the area of all-SSD performance, but in providing customers with the means and freedom of choice to introduce SSD technology into their systems at an affordable pace.

Tweet This: @EraStorDotEU & @Nexenta delivers 2.5x the IOPS in an SSD appliance with @stec_inc for ½ the cost. http://nexenta.com.

About Nexenta Systems

Nexenta Systems is the leading supplier of enterprise-class OpenStorage solutions. Its flagship software-only platform, NexentaStor, delivers high-performance, ultra-scalable, cloud- and virtualization-optimized storage solutions. Built upon ZFS technology, and running on industry-standard hardware, NexentaStor eliminates vendor lock-in and provides open, unified storage management at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems.

More information about Nexenta Systems, and free trials of the ZFS-based NexentaStor, can be found at www.nexenta.com or call +1 (855) NEXENTA. Partners selling NexentaStor-based hardware/software appliances can be found at nexenta.com/corp/partners.

About EraStor

Erastor is a business relationship combining different Europeans firms from different countries to create a brand new product range. These firms have complementary or shared strengths and agreed to join their forces to create storage appliances available with European wide support and services. EraStor combines the safety and security of a top tier storage solution provider with the experience and knowledge provided by local partners working together to create one entity: EraStor.

For more information, see http://erastor.eu.

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