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Technology company QuantCell Research has announced the Beta Release of its main product QuantCell 1.3. QuantCell is a simple to use big data spreadsheet and end-user programming environment for doing large-scale analytics. It can be downloaded from the QuantCell web site at: http://www.quantcell.com. QuantCell Research is targeted at users doing sophisticated analysis on large volumes of data, and for developers. For end users, the QuantCell website touts it as enabling "...non-developers to build complex analysis, models and applications, and it brings the capabilities of major programming languages to the spreadsheet user." QuantCell Research founder Thorliefsson describes the usefulness of QuantCell 1.3 to developers, "As for Java developers, to them QuantCell is just like any Java IDE." He continued "QuantCell (when used as an IDE) provides [value] with an intu... (more)

VMware Announces Availability of vSphere 5.5

VMware announced the release of the latest generation of its flagship product, VMware vSphere 5.5. Enhancements include support for larger storage systems, support for management and deployment of big data environments, and support for Flash Memory performance improvements. VMware vSphere 5.5 also expanded its support by allowing configurations with two times the previous physical CPU, memory and NUMA node limits. vSphere now supports up to a maximum of 62TB virtual disk. This is an increase from the previous limit of 2TB. VMware also announced VMware vSphere Big Data Extension... (more)

CIA Falls for Cloud Computing in a Big Way

Cloud Computing Expo on Ulitzer The most anticipated talk of the day yesterday, at the 4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, was by the deputy CIO of the CIA, Jill Singer. Her talk was entitled, "Enterprise Cloud Computing, the Infrastructure’s Final Revenge." She acknowledged the problem with defining Cloud Computing, and then went on to give her paragraph-length definition of “the cloud”. Her talk focused on the part of the Cloud behind the firewall. “Today’s CIO must increase the flexibility of the infrastructure,” said Singer. “Today’s CIO must manage cost to... (more)

The New Campaign

Democrats are taking full advantage of Linux and open source software (OSS) in their bid to win the White House in 2004. Leveraging the successful e-campaign strategies pioneered by Howard Dean during the primary season, all of the democratic candidates embraced Linux and OSS in some fashion. There are even companies springing up to support this growing trend. By the admission of many, Howard Dean's run for the White House revolutionized how campaigns are presented on the Internet, and how they raise funds. Dean started out with an application server based on Linux. This evolved... (more)

Ubuntu Server 6.10 and WebLogic Workshop 9.2

In this post, I will be recounting my experience with Ubuntu server 6.10, WebLogic Workshop 9.2, and REST. Note: This in no way implies support of any kind from me or BEA. This is just the personal experiences of someone who can not keep his hands off the keyboard. This also gave me an opportunity to code up some REST samples, since many customer I come in contact with ask about it. That said: I had a chance to play with the new Ubuntu server over the long weekend. I set up a server in my garage, and loaded the latest linux bits from WebLogic Platform. (Its actually labeled Port... (more)